In the UK this Christmas The Salvation Army will be…

  1. loveVisiting elderly people who are housebound and lonely at Christmas
  2. Holding Christmas lunches for people who would otherwise be spending a miserable Christmas alone

  3. Delivering hot food, sleeping bags and small Christmas gifts (such as socks and handkerchiefs) to homeless people

  4. Giving shelter to homeless people and the chance of a fresh start in life

  5. Delivering Christmas parcels of food and presents to housebound older people and others in need

  6. Delivering toys to children from poorer families

  7. Helping and supporting the emergency services when there is a major disaster, fire or accident

  8. Delivering Christmas boxes to prisoners and their families as a message of hope and goodwill

  9. Spreading the joy of Christmas at hospitals and elderly people’s homes with a Salvation Army band

  10. Offering comfort and companionship to those who are lonely or distressed at Christmas time