Bank Holiday Treasure Hunt

Fermyn Woods May 2013Bank holiday Monday turned out to be great in more ways than one. Not only was the weather superb but members of the Corps had arranged a car treasure hunt with a picnic to follow at Fermyn Woods, Brigstock.

All groups were allocated times to meet at the hall with instructions and clues directing us on our way. With paper and pencil at the ready the Hobbs clan set off in two separate cars along with many more families belonging to the Corps. Setting off from the Citadel we headed for the start at Cranford Road heading in the direction of Cranford St. John/ St Andrew, where along this road was the first of many clues. Turning towards Grafton Underwood we passed The Old Granary heading towards Twywell. One of the clues that caught some people out was The Travellers Rest which turned out to be a common garden bench at the side of the road !!!! Passing by the Old Friary we headed towards Islip picking up clues both on the way and through the village. At times we met a few cars retracing their journey looking for answers to clues they had obviously missed. Next we turned towards Lowick on the road to Oundle, trying to look intelligent whilst searching for answers. At this stage a very puzzled looking bandmaster and crew were searching intently for their answers! On the road out of Oundle we picked up the answer to a clue (the golf club) and a signpost with a name which included three “f’s”. On the way to our final destination we passed Lyveden New Bield and the Lancaster memorial on the side of the road, which was completely new to many people as we had had no previous knowledge of this.

After passing through some of the most beautiful countryside of Northamptonshire we all arrived safely at Fermyn Woods’s car park where we joined the rest of the Corps folk and their respective families for a picnic and welcome drink. It was great to see so many families enjoying the fellowship together. Many of the more energetic folk were playing football and rounder’s or had a lovely walk around the park.

Many thanks to the organisers for all their hard work – Steve and Celia, Stephen and Susanne and Ian and Wendy

Well done the organisers and the winners Michael Ogilvie and crew and to all who took part, looking forward to the next corps get together.

Bruce Hobbs

Look on the Gallery page for some photo’s.

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