Visit of Sheffield Citadel Band to Kettering Corps

Sheffield BandSaturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June 2013 – Visit of Sheffield Citadel Band to Kettering

Sheffield Citadel Band arrived for the ‘return-leg’ of an exchange, following the visit of Kettering Citadel Band to Sheffield earlier in the year.  Under the leadership of Bandmaster Keith Wileman, the weekend began with a concert on the Saturday evening.  The band presented a varied programme, including a cornet duet (Andrew Wileman/James Booth) and trombone solo (Ian Wileman).  Band members’ proved they could sing just as well as they played during their two vocal items. The main piece of the evening “The Present Age” was enhanced by a helpful visual presentation.  This piece of music includes the tune linked to the words of a well known song, “To serve the present age, my calling to fulfil, oh may it all my powers engage, to do my Masters will” and this is the phrase the band used as their theme throughout the weekend.   The band concluded the evening programme with a March “Sheffield Citadel” which was written especially for them and then sang the benediction using words found in the final verses of the New Testament book of Jude.

Sheffield Band members initially joined the congregation to start the Sunday morning service which was led by Bandsman Roger Coates.  Using the theme “TO Serve the present age, it’s my calling to fulfil”  Bandsman Ryan Wileman illustrated how we could communicate the message of Jesus Christ using today’s technology and social media.  Following this, the congregation watched a very effective PowerPoint presentation based on how the final days of Jesus’ life on earth would have been reported on Twitter.

The Sunday afternoon meeting once again provided items to entertain and challenge the congregation.   Flugel Horn player, Glyn Evans, took the lead in the piece ‘Lightwalk’ and Bandsman Oliver Ridley played a reflective solo on Soprano Cornet.  Other pieces included ‘Dance Like David’ and ‘Temple 125’.  Congregations over the weekend enjoyed the music and the message brought to them by the band.  As is usual for this type of weekend, new friendships were made, old acquaintances renewed and memories were made which will stay with many of us for some time to come.  Thank you Sheffield Citadel Band for a memorable weekend.




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