The enrolment of Anne Hewitt as a Soldier


As a girl of nine Anne attended her first Salvation Army meeting at Motherwell in Scotland. Over the years she has been a committed Christian actively involved with the Methodist Church. When she moved to Isham, near Kettering, she had this strong inner need to follow through with her continuing awareness that she should really be involved with The Salvation Army. She phoned the Commanding Officers and was soon linked up with the corps through the practical support of Pat & Michael Barratt.

After a short time Anne followed through with recruit’s classes and today is totally convinced that The Salvation Army is her spiritual home and that she must be pro-active as a Soldier of Jesus Christ. Already she has applied to be a volunteer at the Hospital chaplaincy and wishes to become an emergency volunteer for The Salvation Army Anti Human Trafficking project,  as well as engaging in the local corps activities.

Her enrolment was a time for rejoicing for her family, too, as they and her husband Bob joined the congregation in worship & praise.

We welcome Anne to our fellowship.

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