New Junior Soldiers’ at Kettering

It has been lovely to witness in recent months a number of our young people being made Junior Soldiers (junior members of the Church).  Each one has been taken through a set of lessons, exploring what this means and have then been encouraged to make their own decision.  On 6th October 2013 Callum and Emily were enrolled by Lt Col Wendy Caffull, followed by Tanatswa on the 16th March 2014.  Tanatswa brought along a number of her family and friends, who sang traditional Zimbabwe songs to celebrate this occasion.  The latest to be enrolled were Joshua and Harrison on the 30th March 2014.  Joshua’s Great Grandad held the Army flag during the ceremony which was conducted by Lt. Colonel Geoff Blurton.  We look forward to many more decisions to follow Christ in this way  being made in the coming months and remember our young people are not only the Army of tomorrow, but very much the Army of today.  We continue to pray for the young folk and those who work with them, especially Mrs Lyn Phillips who has the responsibility of taking the young folk through their preparation lessons.  Thanks Lyn, you are doing a great job!

(unfortunately it is not possible to include full names or photographs  in this report for child protection reasons)


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