Young People’s Anniversary 13th July 2014

The morning meeting on Sunday 13th July was centred around the young people and turned out to be rather busy.  Led by Major Paul Doust, the meeting included all the musical sections and also another performance by the ‘learners band’.  This group of young people have been learning for a few weeks now and it was evident they are improving every time they perform.  Thanks once again to Derek Wears for leading the group and for his willing helpers, without them,  Derek’s task would be impossible with so many learning to play an instrument at the same time.  A couple of the learners band have now moved into the YP Band and more will follow shortly.

Two new Junior Soldiers were also enrolled, Lyra Goldsmith and Elliot Duff are the latest to take this important step in their spiritual journey, they are pictured (below) reading the Junior Soldiers Pledge, helped by Lyn Phillips who takes those interested in becoming junior members of the Church through a series of lessons to help each one make their own decision.  Members of the youngsters families joined the congregation to witness this special occasion.

It was good to hear an update on the recently formed Youth Club which takes place every Thursday during term time.  Around 40 children attend every week, most of these come from the local community and have no other connection with The Salvation Army.  It is hoped that over the coming months the link with the corps will be strengthened in various ways.  We pray God’s blessing on this vital ministry and especially on those who run the group. Thank you for your vision and commitment.

Commissions were also presented to Jill Markie and Chris Ward.  Jill was commissioned as Assistant Leader of the Little Gems (Parent and Toddler Group) and Chris was commissioned as Primary Sergeant (Sunday school for 3-7 year olds).  Chris introduced the  leadership team and also the members of the primary.  Members of the congregation were invited to take a card containing the name of a primary group member and commit to being a prayer partner with that child.

Members of the Rainbows Group were on ‘Church Parade’ this morning too.  The picture below shows Major Doust presenting the ‘Colours’ back to the group.  The Rainbows (girls aged 5-7 yrs) and Brownies (girls aged 7-10yrs)  meet each Tuesday during Term time.

Kettering Corps are very fortunate to have so many young people,  let us all remember to encourage and support them and their leaders and pray for new opportunities in youth work within the corps and local area.

In the afternoon, the Singing Company (Junior Choir) and YP Band (Junior Band) provided a musical concert in Rockingham Road Pleasure Park band stand.  Although the weather was not quite as kind as last week when the senior music sections provided an open-air concert, there were still a good number to folk who came and listened.







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