Retired CSM John Stanyard records video clip about Salvationist James Finn (VC)

Retired Corps Sergeant Major, John Stanyard is well known for his knowledge and research into the history of World War 1 and World War 2, and especially in the role The Salvation Army and Salvationists played during this time.  He recently recorded a video for The Salvation Army and has provided a short background to this below.
John writes;-
Over the last few years I have researched the stories behind the 3 Victoria Crosses won by Salvationists in the First World War. I do a talk on this which I deliver to a wide variety of different groups.
James Finn is one of the Salvationists. He won his VC whilst serving in Mesopotamia (Modern day Iraq) in 1916. It was won by rescuing wounded men whilst constantly under fire.
The Army’s video unit are producing a video to tie in with the 100 year anniversary of the start of WW1. I think it will be included in the October “Link” video.
The video has three parts:
  1. The Army’s approach to war and the thinking that went behind the three principles adopted. This section is introduced by General Shaw Clifton
  2. The story of a Salvationist from Guernsey – Ada de Poividan – who was involved in supporting relatives visiting war graves during and immediately after the war. Liz Walton from Guernsey, Ada’a niece (or great niece, I’m not certain which) is featured talking about her relative.
  3. The story of James Finn’s Victoria Cross. This was filmed in Bodmin (where Finn grew up). The You tube clip was filmed in front of the display featuring James Finn in Bodmin Museum. There will be a further clip which features me and Sue talking outside the museum in the town square. (I’ve not seen that one yet!)

Please click on the link to watch the video clip

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