Re-launch of the ‘Befrienders Scheme’ at Kettering

Every member of the congregation at Kettering Citadel is important to us.  To keep it that way, several members of the corps have volunteered to be part of our corps Befrienders’ Scheme.  The purpose of the scheme is fourfold.

  • To offer the Corps’ hand of friendship to members of the congregation, particularly in times of illness or difficulty.
  • To enquire after members of the congregation when absent.
  • When requested to do so, to pass on to the Pastoral Team concern of individuals.
  • To provide a contact/reference point for members of our congregation through whom they can address their concerns, express their interest, or make enquiries about events and activities.

For those who are new to this concept it works like this; each member of the congregation is linked to a Befriender who will keep in touch with them.  You will be personally informed about your ‘Befriender’, however this is not intended to be restrictive or compulsory.  Celia Young and Dorothy Watts, who are organising the scheme, can provide more information and will review the scheme regularly.  Many of you have been in the Befrienders scheme for some time and we thank all of you who are already Befrienders and will continue in this role.  For those who are already in a Befrienders Group, you will be advised of your Befriender, as certain groups have had to be revised.

Those who have the role of Befriender represent the corps fellowship and are required to follow some simple principles at all times.  They are to respect the individual and treat all matters shared with them as confidential unless it has been agreed that what has been said can be shared with another person.  However, where issues should rightly be shared with a pastoral council member or Corps Officer, the Befriender must inform the individual that this could be the outcome if they proceed.

Finally, we pray that the Befrienders Scheme will benefit the membership of our Corps and enable us all to feel even more valued in the Kettering part of the “Body of Christ”

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