Retired Songster Leader Peter Legg Promoted to Glory

Friends and family of Retired Songster Leader Peter Legg gathered at Kettering Citadel on Friday 17th October to give thanks for his life and service. A fitting tribute to his popularity meant that there was a full hall for the service. Peter had meticulously planned every detail of the service himself but former Corps Officer and personal friend, Major Melvyn Ackroyd, guided the service through with great thoughtfulness.

Peter was born in 1947 in Wimborne. He and his family attended Boscombe Salvation Army until 1964 when the family moved to Southport. Over the coming years, Peter worked in various Department Stores but also found the time to fulfill various roles within corps life, these included being a Bandsman, Songster, YP Band Sergeant, YP Bandleader, Songster Leader, Organising Secretary as well as being a member of various Advisory Boards for the Salvation Army. It was during his time in Southport that Peter met Angela, who would become his wife in 1972 and later they went on to have two children, Andrew and Fiona. In 1980, Peters’ association with Rotary Club began, all be it briefly at that time, having to resign because of increased work commitments. A new role with Antler Luggage meant having to travel excessively and a decision was taken to move the family to the Midlands and so they came to Kettering in 2002. Peter, Angela and the family were soon actively involved in the Corps here at Kettering, where Peter was commissioned as Deputy Songster Leader and then Songster Leader. In 2003 Peter joined the Rotary Club of Kettering and was appointed President of the Club for the year 2013/2014, something he counted as a great honour. An even greater accolade came in July 2014 when on behalf of Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, he was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship (PHF), Rotary’s highest honour. Unfortunately, Peter was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2008, a big shock, which led to his decision to take early retirement from work and relinquish his position as Songster Leader to enable him to spend more time with family and enjoy life to the full. Peter had completed 40 years as a local officer and received a certificate to mark this occasion. During the years that followed, Peter stayed positive throughout the various treatments he underwent but sadly his treatment ceased to work effectively earlier this year and he was Promoted to Glory on 28th September.

During the Service of Thanksgiving, tributes were paid by his son Andrew, and close friend Marion Camplin and Rotarys’ District Governor (Elect) Lt. Colonel Geoff Blurton. Friends, Rotarians and fellow Salvationists from all over the UK joined in the celebration for a life of Service and were blessed by the message of the Kettering Citadel Band and Kettering Citadel Songsters. The band ended the service with the rousing tune associated with the words “They’ll sing a welcome home to me”.  

 Peter will be greatly missed within the Corps but leaves behind a legacy, the example of a true Christian gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with Angela and the rest of the family in the days that lie ahead.



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