News about the ‘Rainbows’ group by Gemma Hunt- March 2015


The 16th Kettering Salvation Army Rainbows meet on a Monday night from 17:45 to 19:00 and is a group for girls aged 5 to 7. At Rainbows we sing songs, make crafts, play games and work towards badges.

Throughout a school year, the Rainbows work towards 3 challenge badges and 2 Rainbow roundabout badges which incorporate the Look, Learn, Laugh and Love sections of the Rainbow Jigsaw (the rainbow programme). This school year the Rainbows have worked towards the following badges: – Do you want to build a snowman, The Poppy Challenge, Arts Explosion Challenge and Rainbow Roundabout: World Around Us. The Rainbows also receive the Rainbow Trefoil, Rainbow Flash and the Salvation Army badge when they have made their promise.

When the Rainbows first arrive, they are able to play games and get to know the Brownies before moving upstairs where they continuing playing games through the use of different equipment including balls, hula-hoops and skipping ropes.

Then we start our programme by singing our opening song “Look at the world around. Learn everything you can. Laugh as you go along. Love this world of ours. Look, Learn, Laugh, Love Rainbows has begun. We’re all here now, come and join the fun.” We then practice and renew our promise, which the Rainbows have made. “I promise that I will do my best, to think about my beliefs and to be kind and helpful.”

After practicing our promise, we move onto making a craft depending on the theme of the meeting and whether or not we are working towards a challenge badge. The crafts the Rainbows make include cooking, baking, painting and drawing for a range of different events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Once completing the craft, the Rainbows play different ga mes developing different skills such as sharing, coordination and people skills. The favourite games of the Rainbows currently are sleeping lions; duck duck goose and the bean game.

The Rainbows play games until about 18:50 and then we have show and tell where the Rainbows have the opportunity to show or tell the other Rainbows about a toy they have brought with them or their achievements from the week. We then end Rainbows by choosing a Rainbow to take Olivia (the rainbow doll) home and sing our closing song. “Look at the world around. Learn everything you can. Laugh as you go along. Love this world of ours. Look, Learn, Laugh, Love, we’ve had lots of fun. Goodnight Rainbows sleep well everyone.”

Also the Rainbows regularly meet up with other Rainbows, Brownies and Guides at district events for Thinking Day, Christmas or Celebrations (100 years of Brownies, 25 years of Rainbows). The Rainbows along with are involved in a Church Parade, four times a year, by parading with their flags into the Sunday morning service.

The badges the Rainbows Group have worked on this school year



Some of the crafts completed by Rainbows this school year.


Church Parade



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