Kettering Citadel Band visit Dunstable Corps 18th April 2015

Kettering Citadel band visited Dunstable Corps on 18th April 2015 to help them celebrate their 130th Corps Anniversary.  Thank you to Bandsman Bruce Hobbs for the following report.
After an excellent tea, the band gathered in the upper room for prayers and last minute instructions, and then  presented an exciting and scintalating festival of music for the Corps Annerversery Celebrations at the Dunstable Corps of the SA.
Commencing with a fanfare, “The Great Celebration”, and the newer march fantacy, ” The Golden Pen”.  The bands soloist really excelled themselves with a cornet trio, trombone solo and trombone ensemble all of which was met with prolonged applause.
Another new piece of music was played , called “The long cloud of Witness” and it was well received by the  large crowd that had come to support the event, some travelling long distances to be there.
Two devotional items that were played, “Reflections” and the prelude on the hymn tune “Lavenham” were greeted in complete reverential silence, that helped L/Col. Geoff Blurton  to introduce the  Bible Reading.
The festival concluded with the thrilling and exciting “Fire in the Blood”, which was greeted with prolonged applause.
To continue and assist with the weekends celebrations, a group of Kettering Bandsmen remained for the Sunday meetings.
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