Kettering Primary Group 2015 – an insight

A small insight into the Primary Group at Kettering Citadel.  Thanks to Chris Ward and her team for all they are doing.

Lesson Plan  –


Asking Jesus – Early one morning

  • Register and Collect Money
  • Showtime
  • Sit children down and give each a plate; put 2 or 3 plates of fruit (sliced banana, grapes, apple); biscuits (chocolate fingers, party rings, plain biscuits) and ask the children to choose what they would like to eat. Do the same with the drinks.

Whilst the children are enjoying the food and drinks say:-

This reminds me of a story about Jesus – Jesus and friends were eating a meal and he said – “I am going away soon, but God will send someone else who will always be with you” The friends waited in Jerusalem, they wondered when this person would come – what would he be like?

A few weeks later, lots of Jesus’ friends were together in a room – suddenly, they heard a noise like a strong wind blowing. They could hear it all around them – something special was happening.

Next the friends saw what looked like flames dancing above people’s heads – but they were not hot like ordinary flames.

Then they all started talking in lots of different languages – people from other countries were amazed because they could all understand what the friends were saying.

Then Jesus’ friends knew that God had sent his Holy Spirit to help them.

We are all Jesus’ friends and we can still ask him for what we need – he will help us if we are sad or if we know people who are ill or lonely we only have to ask Jesus to be with them. When we ask Jesus for what we need we can trust him to answer.


Colour action picture.


Thank you Jesus that we can be your friends – that we can ask you for what we need and thank you Jesus that we can trust you. Amen.



DSCF0525 DSCF0559 DSCF0571



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