Dedication Service for family connected with ‘Mums & Tots’

Annette Henderson has been bringing her daughters, ​Olivia & Emily​,​to Mums & Tots for some time now & when a leaflet about the Army dedication ceremony was circulated asked if her children could be given back  to God in The Salvation Army. The answer was of course yes & then the wonderful news was received that her husband Richard was also very much in favour & their elder son, Bailey, wanted to be included. So on Saturday morning 30 May 2015 many of the helpers from Mum’s & Tots met at the hall to witness the dedication of Olivia, Emily & Bailey. The ceremony was conducted by Major Roni Howes [Mum’s & Tots Leader]. Annette & Richard were thrilled by the caring, family atmosphere & are looking forward to attending Sunday meetings in the future.

May God bless them all as they move through their lives together remembering the promises they made as a family.

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