More Junior Soldiers enrolled on 31st May 2015

Having arrived in England about one year ago, Tabitha & Teresa Chirisera found themselves living in the same street as the Kettering Salvation Army. Prior to living in England, the Family had been members of the Baptist Church, but the Salvation Army was not unknown to them as an aunt, in Zimbabwe, had been a Salvationist. Pam, their Mother, Tavonga, an older brother & the sisters (Father was still in Zimbabwe), began attending the Army and the girls started to get involved in the various YP Activities. They completed their Junior Soldier classes & the Corps, together with many friends & family (including their Father), heard them read their promises very clearly, as they witnessed their enrolment as Junior Soldiers. Tabitha & Teresa were challenged to witness & if possible, to wear their Junior Soldiers badges to School. Tabitha asked for permission to wear her badge, which was granted & in addition, the Head Teacher explained to the other school children, what the badge meant & why Tabitha was wearing it. God bless Tabitha & Teresa, as they continue to witness in future days.

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