Major James Williams leads Home & Family Weekend 2016

The special guest for the Home & Family Weekend on 24th & 25th April 2016 was Major James Williams, currently serving at THQ looking after the Retired Officers of the Territory.   Major James Williams however has spent the majority of his officership as a Corps officer. He started the meeting by telling us that he felt like he was at an Army Congress, as the Citadel was pretty full this morning and the Corps he normally attends in London is fairly small. His humorous manner continued throughout the service but his message was direct and thoughtful. The morning meeting included our very own Home League singers, one of only a few groups in the UK. Major Williams also commissioned one of our youngsters, Jacob Crowe,  as a Junior Musician, having dedicated him as a baby some years ago and then enrolling him as a Junior Soldier,  he hoped the next time he would be making him a Senior Soldier, or even conducting his wedding, maybe a few years to wait for that!   Major James also led the evening meeting, a more relaxed afternoon, where he told us his life story, and how God has been there in every situation, providing just what he needed to get him through some really tough times. It was a truly inspiring day and the Corps greatly appreciated his ministry.

A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all at our Annual Home League Rally.  Major James Williams kept us laughing and had everyone eating out of his hand. He concluded with the message that the Lord has a plan for everyone. Our excellent soloist was Joshua Daniel who brought a bit of culture with his beautiful songs, ‘Bring him home’ and ‘Nessa Dorma’ along with his accompanist Judith Thomlinson who also accompanied the Home League Singers and the congregational songs.  Afterwards everyone enjoyed a lovely buffet tea.


Major James Williams with Jacob Crowe




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