An Evening with Leicester South Band 14.5.16

An Evening with Leicester South Band

The band brought a thought provoking festival to us at Kettering. The programme opened with the march, Gods children which set our feet tapping and we knew we were in for a good evening of music.  James Ord played the cornet solo of Beautiful Christ, with great feeling leading us gently into prayer time.  The band then played Songs of Salvation, with the strains coming through of Joyful, Joyful will the meeting be, and this certainly turned out to be true.  Bandmaster Andrew Piper made a number of references during the evening to the fact that much of the music was Easter music and that it should be used all year round and not just at Easter for a few weeks.  The very talented singer Lucy Northwood sung her testimony in a solo, into your hands.  The appreciation of which was shown by total quietness as we contemplated the words that had been sung so beautifully.  It is always great to see young people taken part and using their skills they have been blessed with.  Joshua Richardson continued in this theme by bringing a piano solo of Nuvole Bianche again so sensively played.  The band played some old and also modern music throughout the evening and blessed us all.  To lead into the devotional part of festival they played the lovely piece of Written in Red, again probably more used at Easter.  The band sent us home on a bright note by finishing the evening by playing Fill the world with Music.  We knew and felt that as we went that we had been amongst friends.



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