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Saturday 1st November saw the arrival of a group of Salvationists in the town led be Captain Higgins and his Lieutenant. The next morning after kneedrill [prayer meeting], Kettering’s first ‘Army’ service was conducted on Bakehouse Hill. The War Cry for that week reported ‘At 10 o’clock we met again for a march through the town to Bakehouse Hill, and as we played and sang crowds followed us, and we had a splendid mass of people around us, who, on the whole, listened very well as we proclaimed Salvation through the World’s Redeemer. We quite stirred up the place as we marched back to the Sale Room in Upper Field Street and we were soon crammed out by a congregation who did not attend Church much.’ The corps was soon established but not without some opposition. In December the Officers were “roughly handles, the Captain being struck several times and the Lieutenant being hurt, thou not seriously”. (verbatim quote from Kettering Observer 12-12-1884 including “typos”)

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