Rascals Youth Club June 2016

Here’s an update on what is happening at the Rascals Youth Club which happens on a Thursday evening during term time.  Great to hear about the good work going on and thank you to all the volunteers who work so hard for this important outreach.

Catherine Duff reports:-

When we started Rascals on 6th March 2014 we had no idea if it would be popular or not. In those first few weeks the number of children that came along took us all by surprise…….one week we had 53 children!! We knew that the number would drop off as children either took to it or not, but our numbers 2+ years on are averaging between 35-40 each week. We try to vary what we do to keep the children interested, and over the last 2 years we have had some great nights. Theme nights; t-shirt painting; sports nights; food tasting; owls; 999 night; dogs; disco; movie nights; human hungry hippos; dodgeball; hockey; line dancing; circus night; plus the usual table games, Hama beads, Barbie, Playmobil & arts. We will soon be finishing for the summer holidays and have another great few weeks planned. Including “A right Royal Birthday” and a bowling night. Rascals would not be possible without the wonderful volunteers who give up their time on a Thursday evening to help run the group. And I know that the children really enjoy it, as so many of them who started with us are still with us!! Why not come along and check us out? Every Thursday during school term, 6-7pm. Ages 6-11 years old. £1 + 25p/50p tuck shop.

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Dedication of Summer and Flynn Kemp


Sunday 22nd May 2016

What a joy it was today to at long last be able to welcome Sam and Carly Kemp to the meeting along with their two children. Sam, who grew up attending the YP Corps and Carly were married almost 3 years ago in the hall and had decided many months ago to have their children Dedicated at the Corps too, but the previous dates have had to be postponed due to Summer’s poor health. Today, Sunday 22nd May 2016 everything planned was able to take place. Major Paul Doust dedicated Summer and little brother Flynn, back to God in a ceremony witnessed by many friends and family. The two little ones slept through most of it but will have their certificates of Dedication and membership of the Corps Cradle Roll to look back on in years to come. Major Lorna Doust (R) prayed for the family and reminded the congregation to prayer for this young family as they continue to deal with the uncertainty that Summers’ health condition presents. We look forward to seeing the family in the future and watching the little ones as they grow up. God Bless you Sam, Carly, Summer and Flynn.


Sam & Carly Kemp with children Summer and Flynn


Kemp family and friends


Family and friends of Sam & Carly 


More friends and family witnessing the Dedication of Summer & Flynn Kemp


Major Paul Doust Dedicates Summer And Flynn Kemp


Major Lorna Doust (R) praying with the family


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An Evening with Leicester South Band 14.5.16

An Evening with Leicester South Band

The band brought a thought provoking festival to us at Kettering. The programme opened with the march, Gods children which set our feet tapping and we knew we were in for a good evening of music.  James Ord played the cornet solo of Beautiful Christ, with great feeling leading us gently into prayer time.  The band then played Songs of Salvation, with the strains coming through of Joyful, Joyful will the meeting be, and this certainly turned out to be true.  Bandmaster Andrew Piper made a number of references during the evening to the fact that much of the music was Easter music and that it should be used all year round and not just at Easter for a few weeks.  The very talented singer Lucy Northwood sung her testimony in a solo, into your hands.  The appreciation of which was shown by total quietness as we contemplated the words that had been sung so beautifully.  It is always great to see young people taken part and using their skills they have been blessed with.  Joshua Richardson continued in this theme by bringing a piano solo of Nuvole Bianche again so sensively played.  The band played some old and also modern music throughout the evening and blessed us all.  To lead into the devotional part of festival they played the lovely piece of Written in Red, again probably more used at Easter.  The band sent us home on a bright note by finishing the evening by playing Fill the world with Music.  We knew and felt that as we went that we had been amongst friends.



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Market Harborough & Kettering Citadel Bands Charity Concert for MIND

Market Harborough Band and Kettering Citadel Band joined forces on Saturday 7th May 2016 for a charity concert in aid of the Mental Health Charity MIND. Stephen Grainger had arranged the concert, being involved with both bands and decided upon the charity because of a connection with a member of Kettering Citadel Band.

Bandmaster Richard Phillips compered the first part of the programme, which consisted of six pieces by the Kettering Citadel Band. Starting off with a foot-tapping ‘Call of the Gospel’ by Martin Cordner. This led nicely into the “Golden Pen”, a March Fantasy, which was originally a piano duet by Wilfred Heaton centered around an old chorus but was then turned into a band score by Paul Hindmarsh in 2001. Bandsman Gary Rose then brought a Euphonium Solo “Napoli” which was arranged by Jeffry Bellstedt who was once the conductor of the famous Black Dyke Band. Once again Gary made this difficult solo look very easy, playing without music, his mesmerizing tone and musicality shone through. Gary Fountain and Chris Hunt followed with the cornet duet, Synergy, which includes the tunes attached to the songs; I shall not lose the fight of faith and My Jesus I love these. Richard told the congregation how he was handed a brown envelope back in 2015 a few weeks before the band were due to visit Lavenham to present a concert for their 130th Corps Anniversary. The music enclosed turned out to be a piece, which had been specifically written to celebrate this special occasion by Geoffrey Nobes. The band was requested to play this piece during their visit to the town and has since turned into one of their favorites. “Prelude on Lavenham” was played as the words were shown on the screen above. Played sensitively, what many would say Kettering does best. Kettering’s final solo piece was “Quintessence” written originally for the Melbourne Staff Band by Robert Redhead.

After a quick changeover, Market Harborough Band took to the platform. Led by Stephen Grainger, they started their part of the programme with “Cornish Cavalier” a stirring March. A number of the congregation and band are supporters of a fairly local football team, Leicester City, and following their unexpected success during the 2015/16 football season, which ended in them winning the Premier League Trophy, the band played “We Are The Champions” an arrangement by Frank Bernaerts of the Freddie Mercury song. Thankfully no-one in the congregation fell asleep during the bands next piece “Sleep” as it was onto another foot-tapping “Hungarian Dance No.5” arrangement by John Clarke, a friend of the Market Harborough Band. The band took us to the banks of the River Tyne next, with Philip Harpers “Water of Tyne” a lovely melody depicting the story of two sweethearts separated by the River Tyne. The reflective mood flowed into the next arrangement by Philip Wilby of the tune associated with the words of the hymn “As The Deer Pants For The Water So My Soul Longs After You”; once again the band captured the mood of the piece. Looking every bit like James Band himself, the Bandmaster introduced the finale “The Essential James Bond” by Darrol Barry, a collection of the various James Bond movies theme tunes.

As the band prepared to play massed, a short presentation was shown of the work the charity MIND undertake. With the NHS being worryingly short of funds and resources and unable to cope with the every increasing demand for services in the mental health sector, it is increasingly important to raise funds for charities such as MIND, who are often left to bridge the gap left by long waiting lists. Their services, which include online information, phone lines and local support groups etc. are often the lifelines that those suffering with a mental illness, or indeed their friends and family who try to support need. To say that those charities such as MIND are lifesavers would be truly appropriate. It was therefore great to know that those attending the concert were able to raise over £438 to help the work of this charity in the local area of Kettering.

The platform was fit to burst for the massed bands section of the concert on this warm evening but the bands got this section underway with “RAF March Past” and followed with the majestic “Procession of Nobles” by Rimsky Korsakov and arranged for brass band by James Curnow. Next Darren Harris and Michael Barratt who played “The Impossible Dream”, possibly the highlight of the evening for many, treated the congregation to a Flugel Duet. Colonel Jack Hazard spoke about dreaming the impossible dream during his thoughts before the evening ended with another impressive piece, “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral” by William Himes.

All in all, a very enjoyable evening of music by these two bands all in a good cause. Thank you Stephen Grainger for arranging this, we look forward to the next one!

Kettering Citadel Band

Kettering Citadel Band

Bandsman Gary Rose plays Napoli

Bandsman Gary Rose plays “Napoli”

Market Harborough Band13161226_245323339161561_880185633_oBandsmen Darren Harris & Micheal Barratt

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Major James Williams leads Home & Family Weekend 2016

The special guest for the Home & Family Weekend on 24th & 25th April 2016 was Major James Williams, currently serving at THQ looking after the Retired Officers of the Territory.   Major James Williams however has spent the majority of his officership as a Corps officer. He started the meeting by telling us that he felt like he was at an Army Congress, as the Citadel was pretty full this morning and the Corps he normally attends in London is fairly small. His humorous manner continued throughout the service but his message was direct and thoughtful. The morning meeting included our very own Home League singers, one of only a few groups in the UK. Major Williams also commissioned one of our youngsters, Jacob Crowe,  as a Junior Musician, having dedicated him as a baby some years ago and then enrolling him as a Junior Soldier,  he hoped the next time he would be making him a Senior Soldier, or even conducting his wedding, maybe a few years to wait for that!   Major James also led the evening meeting, a more relaxed afternoon, where he told us his life story, and how God has been there in every situation, providing just what he needed to get him through some really tough times. It was a truly inspiring day and the Corps greatly appreciated his ministry.

A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all at our Annual Home League Rally.  Major James Williams kept us laughing and had everyone eating out of his hand. He concluded with the message that the Lord has a plan for everyone. Our excellent soloist was Joshua Daniel who brought a bit of culture with his beautiful songs, ‘Bring him home’ and ‘Nessa Dorma’ along with his accompanist Judith Thomlinson who also accompanied the Home League Singers and the congregational songs.  Afterwards everyone enjoyed a lovely buffet tea.


Major James Williams with Jacob Crowe




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Amy Hunt becomes a Senior Soldier 17.4.16

Amy Hunt is the latest of our young people to make the transition from Junior to Senior Soldiership.   Her special day took place on Sunday 17th April 2016. Amy’s Auntie, Major Anita Purkiss led the meeting that morning and also conducted the enrolment ceremony for Amy. Looking very grown up all of a sudden, Amy wore her new Salvation Army uniform with pride as she was joined on the platform by her sister, Gemma, who held the flag during the ceremony. Her Grandmother, Major Sheila Hunt and Celia Young, who had taken Amy through her Soldiership classes over the last few months also joined her on the platform. After Amy signed her Articles of War, she gave her testimony, thanking those who had helped her in her Christian journey so far. Major Purkiss reminded the congregation that this is not the end of Amy’s journey, but the beginning in many ways and we were asked to support her as her journey continues.

During the meeting Major Anita used the illustration of three cherry blossom trees she had seen in recent days, one, having been cut back rather drastically was a bit poorly looking but still had a small amount of blossom on it, the second was a young tree and had lots of growing still to do but looked lovely, the third was quite magnificent, adorned with a huge amount of blossom. Liking this to our spiritual lives, she asked which tree our lives resembled. Music sections brought their message during the meeting and added to the special time the large congregation gathered enjoyed during the morning.


Amy Hunt , Major Anita Purkiss, Celia Young, Major Sheila Hunt, Major Paul Doust


Amy Hunt & Major Anita Purkiss


Amy Hunt – Enrolment as a Senior Soldier At Kettering – April 2016









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Mothering Sunday 2016

John Stanyard led our Mothers’ Day Service on 6th March 2016.   He began by praying for our mums and for all those for whom Mothering Sunday is a difficult time. The meeting included the question is it Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday? After being given an explanation of how the two days came about in history, the young folk decided that in the UK today was Mothering Sunday. The Singing Company sang a special song called ‘My Mum” which brought a few smiles and chuckles from both those singing and those in the congregation. There were tributes paid to mums and grandmas and the usual distribution of flowers and there was also time where those who no longer have their mums could collect a flower and place it in a special vase in remembrance of them. Thank you John for all the thought and preparation you put into this lovely service.


Some of the young people collecting a card and plant to give to their mum


Primary collecting their gifts for mum


The older folk collecting a gift to present to their mum


Flowers placed in memory of mums no longer with us

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Kettering Citadel Songsters and Band visit Rothwell March 2016

Kettering Citadel Band and Songsters joined forces for this event, a concert to raise money for the community work of Rothwell Salvation Army Corp. The venue was the Holy Trinity Church in Rothwell, a Church that is not strange to the Band, as they have recorded their CD’s here a number of times.

A large audience gathered and heard the Band begin with ‘Call of the Gospel’ by Martin Cordner, a reminder that this was a concert but with a gospel message for all. The band brought a diverse range of pieces from ‘Breezing Down Broadway’, ‘The Golden Pen’, ‘Make His Praise Glorious’ and Redheads ‘Quintessence’. A piece of music which has featured a few times in recent events is Prelude to ‘Lavenham’ by Geoff Nobes, and the depth of sensitivity in the playing of this piece reflected the words attached to the tune.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, ‘Why?’
Times when catastrophe gives faith the lie.
Innocents suffer and evil holds sway,
Grant me some answers Lord, teach me your way.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, ‘Where?’
Times when it seems that you simply don’t care.
Though I call out, you seem distant, aloof,
Grant me some answers Lord, show me your proof.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, ‘What?’
Times when your love is not easy to spot.
What is life’s purpose and what of me here?
Grant me some answers Lord, make your will clear.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask ‘How?’
Times when what’s preached doesn’t square with life now.
Wrestling with doubt I ask ‘how can this be?’
Grant me some answers Lord, help me to see.

Lord, there are times when the questions run fast.
Times when I fear that my faith may not last.
Help me, support me, Lord help me get through.
Lead me through darkness, till light shines anew.

Kettering Citadel Songsters brought their contribution in 3 sections. The first included ‘Sing & Rejoice’, the beautiful ‘Bow the Knee’ during which you could have heard a pin drop in the Church and ‘Power in the Blood’. The second spot started with a modern version of the song Amazing Grace called ‘How Sweet the Sound’ followed by ‘I Bring Them to Jesus’ and ‘Christ for the Whole Wide World’. The final section of songs from the Songsters included ‘Wings as Eagles’ and ‘Praise His Holy Name’

Bandsman Gary Rose pleased the audience with the Euphonium Solo, Napoli, as always a very polished performance from an extremely talented yet humble Bandsman. Lt. Col. Jack Hassard guided the programme through and our thanks go to him once again for his support of the Band and Songsters, not only during the concert but during rehearsal times too. His informative and witty comments were well received by the congregation. Thank you to all involved for a thoroughly enjoyable evening of music and ministry.



















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Young Peoples Annual at Kettering 2016

The 2016 YP Annual weekend at Kettering started on Saturday 27th February with a party at the Citadel for all the young folk.  The fun included various party games and food.  Celebrations continued on Sunday 28th February when the young folk were presented with their prizes for continued attendance and participation at Kettering Corps.  Around 50 books were presented and this did not include ‘final prizes’ for the older ones who have moved or will move into the senior Corps as these will be presented at a later date.   The books were presented by Wendy Scales, who had come along to take part in the morning service with “Parable Puppets”.  The YP music sections were also on duty and did themselves proud as always.  Major Paul Doust handed out numerous commissions for YP Band and YP Singing Company members.  We are so fortunate at Kettering and must never take these precious young people for granted.  Lets remember to pray for them as the pressures they encounter these days are often immense.  Lets also pray for the YP Workers and the responsibility they have to nurture them week by week.  Thanks to all involved over the weekend, from the folk who did the washing up at the party right through to Wendy and her puppets, it was a lovely celebration and enjoyed by both young and those not so young.

Cradle Roll Members receiving their books (0-3 years)

DSCF2445 (640x480)Primary Group children (3-7 years)

DSCF2447 (640x480)Primary Group members

DSCF2462 (640x480)

DSCF2455 (640x480)

DSCF2453 (640x480)

DSCF2465 (640x480)

Kids Alive Group (7-11years)

DSCF2478 (640x480)

DSCF2487 (640x480)

Youth Group (11+ years)

DSCF2494 (640x480)

Major with the YP Musicians certificates – catch up time!

DSCF2499 (640x480)

DSCF2498 (640x480)

Wendy Scales and her “Parable Puppets”

DSCF2517 (640x480)DSCF2510 (640x480)DSCF2507 (640x480)DSCF2504 (640x480)

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Singing Company visit the Home League – Tuesday 16th February 2016

This afternoon ten members of the Singing Company came along to the Home League to give the ladies a wonderful hour of music. They sang a number of songs with so much enthusiasm that they brought joy to all. Jessica and Ella sang a beautiful solo each, Charlie gave two excellent pianoforte solos, Lizzie played two lovely cornet solos and Tabitha and Teresa each gave their debut horn solos. What talented young people we have here at Kettering. God bless them all. Thanks to everyone of them.

Barbara Hobbs (HLS)

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